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B. Smyff - Sick N' Tired Blog #2


It's not too, too, cold out today but I'm sick n' tired of this shit still! There is no reason for the weather to drop below 0, that shit is unnecessary. Before you science geeks try to explain why it is necessary, let me stop you and say "SHUT THE FUCK UP"!!! Moving on, I'm also sick n tired of seeing all of these CAUTION: FALLING ICE signs on every street downtown. Cars are driving on the street so people are forced to walk on the sidewalk. When we see these CAUTION signs we all stare upwards and look like fools walking down the street. As soon as ice does fall and crack someone's skull open the city says "Well didn't you see the falling ice sign"? Yes you big dummies they're on every street! So my question is how do we avoid getting hit by ice and knocked unconscious on the way to work without walking in the street to get hit by a car. ANSWER: Keep your ass at home and tell your boss to take it up with the city!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

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