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No Exaggeration Necessary #2 - Helicopter Skiing in Canada

Rated the Best Adventure on Earth by National Geographic Adventure Magazine

Helicopter skiing – Deadly, liberating and totally awesome.

Most of you are familiar with helicopters from movies like Rambo and other war movies, but it’s a totally different situation when you’re chest high in fresh powder trying to climb into a helicopter that is barely balancing on an avalanche ready coronus.

Once a year my brother, father and I go to explore terrain previously un-skied to experience a feeling unlike anything I could have ever imagined. It feels half like being in the middle of a war trying to make it out alive and half like your already dead floating in the clouds. It’s as exhilarating yet peaceful as life gets.

We fly to Calgary in Canada, take a bus for 7 hours, then we get picked up by a helicopter and fly far into the unknown. We stay out in the mountains for 10 days with no out-side communication. The only thing to think about it how high can you jump.

Over 30 people have died in avalanches where we ski and many have died in helicopter crashes. It’s dangerous, but if it wasn't a extraordinary experience it would not be worth posting on this blog

Peep the video!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

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