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No Exaggeration Necessary #3 - Hitting It Big In Vegas


Vegas has always represented achievement to me. I didn’t feel I deserved to go to Vegas until I had proven success and accomplished enough to be over the top with the whole experience. I have been avoiding Las Vegas for a long time. I have been invited countless times and always turned it down. I am happy to report that 2008 was a great year and 2009 could not have kicked off any better, so when the opportunity to travel to Vegas on business reared its head, I was off.

Now, I am not a card player or a gambler, but once I found out they bring you free top shelf drinks while you gamble, I became a hell of a craps roller. To insure I had luck on my side, I rented this lucky charm Leprechaun. And with my faithful Leprechaun by my waist, I took Vegas by storm.

I did well but my friend won 16k in 45 min at the craps table at 5am. And my brother took the slot machines for everything they had. My brother actually doubled his money constantly. Every time he would put in a $20 he would win $40. It was crazy to watch.

Even though I had never been to Vegas before, it was exactly what I had pictured. I would post more pics and video but then we would have to make this blog 18+ and charge.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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