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Turbo Blog Post #1 "Stanky Legg"

So this is my first blog post to date. I'm going to be playing around with ideas until I settle into something so, bare with me people. I can assure you that whatever I end up doing, it will be much better than these other boring posts that you all have had to deal with since the launch of Bandit Life. I apologize for what you all have had to endure.

Okay so we all are familiar with Soulja Boy's breakout hit (with a dance to match), "Crank Dat Soulja Boy". This was a new low in music. The track was shamefully elementary and well, just bad, "bing, bong, bing".... I mean, come on man. Not to mention Soulja Boy's hilariously indecipherable, half retarded lyrics reminiscent of a spoiled little kid whining to his parents while on some sort of sedative. The worst thing about the Soulja Boy phenomenon is just how big it got. I mean people, they played that shit at damn near every football game last season. I saw a family on TV at a game singing it in unison, "now super-soak that hoe!".... really!? Do you idiots even know what you're repeating? The real question is who the hell approved that song to be played for a family event like a football game? I mean what was the conversation?... "Uh yeah, that's fine. Don't worry about the super soaking them hoes line. No one will know that he is referring to ejaculating on a hooker. It'll be fine."... The sad thing is that is was, obviously... wow America, give yourselves a big pat on the back.

The latest saga in the "dumbest song with a dance to it" craze is... drumroll..... GS Boyz's "Stanky Legg". TADA!!

Ok... where do I begin? First of all I think this is hilarious... but not like in a- "we're laughing with you" type of way.

Just watch this and we'll talk below when you're done.

Wow. Amazing right!? I really, really want to know what the origin of this phrase "stanky leg" is. I'm assuming someone in their little school yard crew had a smelly leg at some point...? You tell me. The strangest thing is that they decided to stick with that playground phrase to record a single, with a dance... and of course, a music video. I mean who is paying for this stuff? "Yeah man, I'll shot your music video for your new single, "Do Tha Stanky Legg". Sounds Like a smash hit!" Wow. Don't forget here people, this is a real video and someone really paid for it.... for real. Moving on...

Ok, is this dance not a little on the sunny side of the street, if you know what I mean? Dude is snappin his fingers back and forth in the air like fucking Rupaul! Seriously. Also I'm still not quite sure what, "Now Hit The Booty Doo!" actually means. Are we talking about punching poop that came out of the booty? ... "Hit The Booty Doo"... come on that's what that means right?

Last but not least, why are the words constantly flashing at you? I know, I know. To put it in your head, like they don't repeat the same three lines for 3 minutes!!! Well.... mission accomplished evil music destroyers. You got me.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

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