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Push For The Playoffs...

A couple weeks back I went to my first Chicago Bulls game. After watching them for years on TV it was great to finally see the action live. Our seats were 10 rows off the court and were right by the Bulls locker room entrance/exit.

The Bulls played the Miami Heat and beat them by 20 or 30 points. D. Wade is unstoppable, can score at will, but we shut him down second half some how. Makes me SO happy we picked Rose over Beasly. Beasly has been a bum thus far.

Anyways, the Salmons & Miller trade was a steal, plus we got a first round draft pic from the Knicks. Paxson really pulled this one off nicely. Three great trades to improve the team greatly. Now let's see how high of a seed we can get in the playoffs, as we are currently in the 7th.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

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