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The Best Game I have ever witnessed

Ok...forget the fact that I'm a die hard Bulls fan...forget the fact that in woodshop in high school I made and had airbrushed an exact replica of the Bulls logo (which I still believe help get us that 6 piece in the 90's)..or even forget the fact that even though he's been gone from the Bulls over 10 years, anyone that tries to tell me Jordan wasn't the greatest player to step on the court might be the receipient of a mean scissor kick....

This 2009 series between the Bulls and Celtics is THE GREATEST PLAYOFF SERIES I HAVE EVER WITNESSED!!!!!

Game 6 went to triple overtime which is insane, I have laughed, cried (not literally), gotten angry and everything in between. I had to post the highlights of this game....

ps: Rondo's a punk....Bulls in 7 Beeeeeeyotch!
Friday, May 01, 2009

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