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No Exaggeration Necessary #4: Life In the Jungle - Mexico/Belize

Recently I had the chance to travel to the middle of the jungle on the boarder of Mexico and Belize. My beautiful travel companion and I took multiple planes, buses and cars down tiny dirt roads full of kids selling whatever type of fruits they could find. When we finally arrived I was anticipating a stay in a lack-luster straw hut with no doors and a gaggle of monkeys waiting to greet us. While there were monkeys, and our hotel was indeed straw covered, it happened to be a 5 star resort featuring our own private pool, open bar, huge rooms, crocodile hunting and ancient ruins.

This was the ultimate vacation experience. No TV, Internet or outside communication of any kind. The only sign in the room said “We are not responsible for actions of sabotage, strikes, terrorism, guerrillas, invasions, your disappearance etc...” What a way to make you feel relaxed!

During the days we would hike through the jungle with monkeys yelling in the trees overhead, go back to the pool with our open bar, go kayaking with crocodiles in the evening and have a world class gourmet dinner at night followed by bathing suit optional dips in our private pool.

Every morning a woman would bring us breakfast in bed and that type of pampering continued throughout the rest of the day. You never know what your going to find when you venture into the unknown. Luckily this time it was a 5 star resort, naked twister, and some Indiana Jones type of adventures.

Crocodile hunting just means finding them with your head flashlight, not killing them.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

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