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Support Chicago Art


On February 20th 2009 my friends and fellow MD & Bandit co-workers crowded ourselves into a small, well lit room on Milwaukee Ave. to enjoy some free food, endless amounts of beer and wine, and of course support local artists. Richard Colman was the featured PHAIZ gallery artist of the evening showcasing his work, which was painted loudly along each wall. While I did enjoy Richards work, I was drawn to a section of the gallery where previously featured artists still had their work available for show. I saw a row of mannequins that I was intrigued by do to their almost mummified texture and beautiful colors. I immediately wanted one as I had never seen anything like it. "How Much are you selling these for?" I asked a rep. "There not for sale." she replied. "I'll give you $50." Not only did she sell me the piece but I started a trend, that my two friends followed as well as others who were drawn to the commotion of large garbage bags covering our mannequins for protection. The artists name is Myong Kurily. A spunky, outgoing girl who has a great passion for art and expression. I recommend visiting her website at to see more of her work and ask her when she will be showcasing her work again.
Tuesday, March 03, 2009

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